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  • Saskia Müller

Five Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Walking Stick

Are you considering purchasing a mobility aid but unsure of where to begin? Take a moment to reflect on these five questions to guarantee that your choice of stick or crutch meets all your requirements!

Is it height adjustable?

The ability to easily adjust the height of your stick ensures that it remains at the perfect height at all times, regardless of the shoes you're wearing. This is crucial because maintaining the correct height prevents hunching or leaning, which reduces strain on your back and lower limbs.

Is it comfortable?

Discovering a stick that offers optimal comfort is absolutely essential for ensuring consistent usage, promoting a sense of comfort and safety, and ultimately instilling confidence in every step you take.

Is it safe?

It may come as a surprise, but there is no legal obligation to subject sticks to health and safety testing prior to their sale. As a result, many sticks available in the market are merely fashion accessories and lack the necessary design to provide long-term support for medical conditions and disabilities.

Is it silent?

Few things are as bothersome as the click-clack noise produced by many sticks. Therefore, it might be advantageous to consider purchasing a silent one, unless, of course, you happen to enjoy the sound.

Do you love it?

Having a mobility aid that aligns with your personal style can be a game changer, facilitating the transition to life with a new support device. No longer will your stick be seen as a sympathy signal; instead, it will draw positive attention for all the right reasons, garnering compliments about its remarkable design.


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