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  • Saskia Müller

National Diversity Awards Nomination

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have been nominated for the National Diversity Awards in the role model category! This nomination is a testament to years of dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace through my blog writing and advocacy efforts.

As someone who has always been passionate about creating inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and respected, receiving this nomination is truly humbling. It reaffirms the importance of the work I've been doing and serves as motivation to continue pushing for positive change.

My goal has always been to spark meaningful conversations and inspire action. Whether it's sharing personal experiences, highlighting best practices, or calling out systemic issues, I strive to empower others to become agents of change in their own spheres of influence.

Being nominated for the National Diversity Awards is not just a recognition of my efforts, but a recognition of the collective work of countless individuals and organisations dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion. It's a reminder that progress is possible when we come together and champion diversity as a strength rather than a checkbox.

Now, more than ever, it's crucial that we continue to advocate for inclusivity in all aspects of life, including the workplace. By fostering diverse and inclusive environments, we not only empower individuals to thrive but also drive innovation, creativity, and success.

I would be immensely grateful for your support in this journey. If my work resonates with you and you believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion, I kindly ask for your vote in the National Diversity Awards. Together, we can create a more equitable and inclusive world for all.

Voting is simple and can be done online through the National Diversity Awards website. Just click that link and it'll take you straight there.

Your vote not only supports me but also sends a powerful message about the value of diversity and inclusion in our society.

Thank you for your continued support, and let's continue to champion diversity and inclusion together. Together, we can make a difference.

With love always,



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