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  • Saskia Müller

Autistic Joy

Autistic joy isn't just happiness; it's an all-encompassing, intense feeling that many of us on the spectrum encounter. It's a profound sense of excitement that can be sparked by seemingly small things, yet its impact is anything but insignificant. In those moments, joy becomes our entire universe, enveloping us completely.

Picture this: warmth flooding your body like tiny sparks igniting your soul. The world around you blurs as joy takes center stage. You're consumed, every fiber tingling with delight. And what follows? The urge to move, to stim—to release that overwhelming euphoria.

Unfortunately, our joy often meets skepticism or criticism. We're told we're 'too much,' urged to 'calm down' over things deemed trivial by others. These remarks can shame us into suppressing our authentic reactions, damaging our self-esteem. How others respond to our joy shapes our ability to share it with the world.

"But isn't joy universal?" you might wonder. Perhaps, but for us, it's a visceral experience. I feel it in every inch of my being, yet too often, I'm forced to restrain my unfiltered elation. I've faced ridicule for my exuberance, knowing others don't express joy as I do. They move on swiftly; I'm consumed, forgetting everything else. Yet, despite the challenges, autistic joy remains a cherished part of who I am.

For those like us, here are some reminders:

  • It's okay to express joy differently.

  • Your authentic self will find acceptance.

  • Your joy can bring happiness to others.

  • You are never 'too much.'

  • The small joys enrich life.

  • Even positive emotions can overwhelm you—make time to rest.

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